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Miggs Bustamante understands how to tell a story because his own is one worth hearing.


A director, producer, and artist who comes from a lineage of filmmakers, Miggs knows how to touch people through film and video. From an early age he learned how to convey depth and ethos on screen.


Bustamante was born in Quito, where he studied film and is currently a freelance Director, Videographer and Photographer. But it was during his years in Shanghai, China and Italy that Miggs developed his own brand of storytelling through visual communication.


From directing, editing to producing commercials for major brands like KIA, Colgate and P&G, Bustamante understands the entire communications workflow. He also brings a unique and extensive international skillset and perspective to every project he touches.


Miggs is currently traveling around the Americas, seeking exciting new film and video projects.

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